Saturday, December 8, 2007

Man + Hooch = Flying Car vs Train

On Monday October 29, 2007, some hooch filled dillweed launched his car into the air and hit a CN Train here in Calgary. I guess he was 3 sheets to the wind while flying his car at a buck 40! ($1.40 = 140 KPH). Apparently he was so supple from all the hooch that he came out of the whole incident with only minor injuries.

Here’s a link to some pictures by various photographers that I found on Railroad Picture Archives of CN 5955 that was hit by the car. I also found 5 picture on Here are the ID tags for those pictures: 172255, 154486, 147731, 90443, 30286.

Here are two newspaper clippings. The first one is from the Calgary Herald and the second is from the Calgary Sun.

Google Earth kmz file.


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