Friday, September 12, 2008

First Glimpse of CFQC 3000

August 25, 2008

I was in Bathurst for a week and on the 25 I caught my first Glimpse of CFQC's RS-18 number 3000 pulling into the station yard at around 14:15. It is a very nice, well kept and surprisingly clean engine. I caught some pictures of it at the station and at the Golf Street crossing shunting some cars after it came in from Belledune with a load of three lumber cars.

As 3000 was shunting, CFMG 6908 and NBEC 1821 had started up and were idling on one of the rear sidings. They came out onto the main line and headed past the station to the siding by the St. Anne bridge.

I whipped over to the bridge to watch 6908 and 1821 hook up to the train that 597 put together and becoming NBEC 403. The consist was a mixed freight train with some woodchip cars, box cars, covered gondolas, tankers and the lumber cars that CFQC shunted earlier. At around 15:10, NBEC 403 had finally left but unfortunately I did not chase it to Beresford.

Engine 1851 was also at the station parked on one of the sidings that was used to dump scrap metal into gondolas back in the CN days about 12 to 13 years ago if memory serves me right.



Canadian Train Geek said...

Great shots! I like the look of 3000.

Strange they had two RS18s floating around in the Bathurst yard, unless one of them was off the ore train.

jddc.trains said...

Yes, they were hanging around the whole time I was there. 3000 was often leading on the way up to the mines, whenever I happen to be around to see it that is.