Monday, January 12, 2009

Lunch Time Sortie

At Lunch yesterday, I took a little trip down to Alyth Yard and not much was happening there. I didn't even see the hump. I did see however a CEFX unit sitting one of the stub ended tracks tagged on the butt end by a CP unit of the same type, AC4400CW's by GE. The CEFX unit numbered as 1036 and the CP unit numbered as 9633.

I have seen several CEFX locomotives in Calgary over the past year or so. I'll have to look through the archives and see if I have pictures of any of them and post them up here.



Saintjohnrailfan said...

I know that this isn't part of the post, but I'm curious as to what you did to spread the blog out more on the page? I tried playing around with percentages, but it didn't work.

jddc.trains said...

I modified the CSS code in my template to the width I was looking for. Unfortunately with the Rounders template, it uses fixed width image backgrounds. Modifying the width on my test blog gave some undesired visual abnormalities. Regardless, if you want to give it a go to see what it would look like, here are the steps that I did with the modifications I used.

If you create a test blog so as not to risk messing up your good blog like I did, skip number 2. The link to my test blog is below.

1. Under the Layout tab, select Edit HTML.
2. Click on "Download Full Template" to back it up on your hard drive just in case things get messed up.

[from this point on, disreguard quotation marks]
I should mention the syntax for the lines you are about to modify is as follows: width: 740px;

In the editor window,
3. look for a section called "#outer-wrapper" and change the width 940px - default 740
4. look for a section called "#main-wrap1" and change the width 630px - default 485
5. look for a section called "#sidebar-wrap" and change the width 300px - default 240
6. look for a section called "#main" and change the width 630px - default 485
7. look for a section called ".main .blog" and change the width 629px - default 484
8. look for a section called ".main .widget" and change the width 613px - default 468
9. look for a section called "body#layout #outer-wrapper", very near the end of the template, and change the width 930px - default 730 - did not appear to change anything.
10. Click on save template, and view your blog in a seperate window or browser tab.

If you want, you may also remove all the graphical backgrounds from yout template. But you will no longer have the rounded corners. Under the section "#main-wrap1", look for "background:$mainBgColor url("") no-repeat $startSide bottom;" and delete the url stuff until you are left with "background:$mainBgColor;". Delete others similar to this in your template one at a time, save, view, delete, save, view... until you get what you want.

The template that I'm currently using, Minima Black, has no graphical backgrounds and I'm able to modify the width of my blog fairly easily. If you wish to try it out, here are the main affected settings on my blog for the width. There are other settings I have modified, but I don't think they will affect the width. I can always send you my full template if you would like to try it out.

Any text in between /* */ is read as a comment in CSS.

width: 812px;/* default - width: 660px; */

width: 812px;/* default - width: 660px; */
text-align: left;/* default - text-align: $startSide; */

width: 580px;/* default - width: 410px; */
float: left;/* default - float: $startSide; */

width: 220px;/* default - width: 220px; no change */
float: right;/* default - float: $endSide; */

width: 812px;/* default - width: 660px; */

Here is the link to the test blog I used:

You shouldn't need to adjust anything else in your template. All content and widgets will automatically adjust to fit within the template's "wrappers".

Good luck coding! :)


Saintjohnrailfan said...

Thanks for the help! I'll give it a whirl later on.