Saturday, October 2, 2010

Macleod Sub Auto Rack Storage - Part 2

If you wish to follow along in Google Earth to see my stops and travels, here is the kmz file for download.

September 6th, 2010

Last time I posted about the first block of auto racks in storage on the MacLeod Subdivision. This post will list the first 27 out of the 39 auto racks from the second block further south. I’m only posting about the first 27 cars because when I was out there taking pictures and writing down notes, I was attacked by a very agitated hawk. I wrote about this back on September the 6th about my experience that day.

I started at the south end of the block and worked my way north from Township Road 182 (594th Ave) on foot. There are a few clumps of trees along the way which made difficult to take pictures of some of the auto racks. It had rained the day before and the grass had not had time to entirely dry out in the thicker areas, so by the time I got to where I stopped, I was soaked from the knees down.

Below are my notes in list format of the railroad name, reporting marks and type for the first 18 auto racks. The order of the list depicts the order of the auto racks as they are on the track starting with the first auto rack north of Township Road 182 with UP TTGX 995204 and ending with BNSF TTGX 965095.

UPTTGX 995204Bi-Level
UPTTGX 604313Bi-Level
UPTTGX 991678Bi-Level
NSTTGX 996582Bi-Level
UPTTGX 991757Bi-Level
CNCNA 712721Bi-Level
UPTTGX 991277Bi-Level
NSTTGX 980664Bi-Level
CSXTTGX 253344Bi-Level
UPTTGX 255721Bi-Level
CP RAILTTGX 981526Bi-Level
UPTTGX 516921Bi-Level
UPTTGX 965046Bi-Level
UPTTGX 982758Bi-Level
CONRAILTTGX 963142Bi-Level
CONRAILTTGX 970789Bi-Level
CSXTTGX 931189Bi-Level
UPTTGX 159847Bi-Level
TFMTTGX 994737Bi-Level
CONRAILTTGX 603753Bi-Level
TFMTTGX 995796Bi-Level
TFMTTGX 995651Bi-Level
CSXTTGX 152538Bi-Level
UPTTGX 994965Bi-Level
BNSFTTGX 997339Bi-Level
BNSFTTGX 965095Bi-Level

The following photos of the auto racks are ordered similar to the list above in a left to right, up and down direction.

You will notice that in the last photo the doors facing me on either end of the auto rack are opened. It appeared to be the same for the remainder of the auto racks.

Soon after those 27 auto racks, the agitated hawk was starting to get aggressive so I high tailed it out of there to come back later in the fall when nesting season is done and he’s gone for the winter.

Goggle Earth kmz file.


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