Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowplow, Spreader, SOO

January 28th, 2011

That Friday after work on my way to my watering hole, I spotted something of interest in the yard at Alyth so I decided to stop to check it out. It was a CP snowplow and spreader.

The light was not good, so the pictures are a bit blurred and I tried to compensate as much as possible without increasing my ISO too high to prevent any graininess.

When I arrived at my observational headquarters, the hump was just pushing past my objective. On the hump were 6611 and 6614, both were SD40-2’s and both former SOO locomotives having retained their numbers when repainted with CP colours.

On the far siding were a few items of interest, some more than others.

For beginners, idling on the siding were SOO 6617 and CP 6609 which is a former SOO loco. Both are SD40-2’s and both were coupled together.

Next in line was bulkhead flat car number CP 421202 that was coupled to the nose of 1641 which is a GP9. Coupled on the back of 1641 was a GMD SW1200RS numbered 1154.

After that were the most interesting items there that evening, a snowplow and a spreader. The snowplow is numbered CP 401034. After seeing an identical snowplow, CP 401022, on CP’s website that was dated 1930 and being sold as scrap, I’m assuming that this one is also 1930’ish. The spreader was number 402853 and the interesting part about it was that there was no cab on it.

After that the light was quite insufficient for anymore pictures, so I headed towards my favourite watering hole for some prime rib, a cold beer, some pool and random chit chat with friends.



Canadian Train Geek said...

Strange to see a spreader with no cab! Maybe it's going to be surplus assets too...

jddc.trains said...

I did find it odd as well! I never did check in the Trackside Guide. Maybe I should take a peek see what is it says.