Friday, May 6, 2011

2816 Shakedown Run

Two little birdies told me that CPR's 2816 steam train will be coming out for a shakedown run on May the 14th. She will leave the CPR Pavilion in downtown Calgary at about 11:00 and will most likely make her way to Carseland and back to Calgary after turning around on the wye. I'm not 100% on the trip destination but it is the most logical.

That is the word so far!



Eric said...

On Saturday, May 14th, CP 2816 will be making a mechanical shakedown run from
Calgary to Carseland, AB.

Departure is scheduled for 11:00 from Calgary, arrive Carseland 12:00, wye the
train, and depart at 13:00 back to Calgary.

Consist will also include the CP 1401-CP 1900 and eight cars.

Jason, the above from the C-P-
R Yahoogroup courtesty Bill Miller. Any chance you're thinking of a photo run for Dust on the Tracks?


jddc.trains said...

Thanks for the info Eric. You know I'm thinking of a photo run! And yes I will post them on the blog.

I'm going to try and get there super early to hopefully catch some pics of her at the pavilion. I will then try to get to Ogden road/Barlow Trail, then race down to the 22x overpass and to Carseland. I'll see if I can get to the wye, but last time I was at the wye there was not much room to stand and no really good vantage points. After that it's the chase back to Calgary.