Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Part 2 - Boss The Train, The Train...But No Camera!

Well, the train that went by at 10 this morning has gone by my office again and I believe is on it's way back to CP's main stomping grounds, Alyth Yard, down by Blackfoot Trail.

This time 8232 was in the lead and 1648 second. The consist was SOO 120414 grain hopper, CP 340122 cylinder hopper (not sure if this is from the feed plant), CPAA 205271 box car, 5 SRY box cars, 5434, 9231, 5176, 9080, 5313, and AOK 300566 center beam flat floowed by the caboose.


Boss The Train, The Train...But No Camera!

Here I am at my desk, 10:00 am in the morning and the one day that I don't bring my camera, the local train comes by, and chuggs up the hill right beside my office. With CP 1648 in the lead and 8232 in second with a consist of center beam flat BCOL 873038, 3 bay grain hopper DME 96211, caboose CP 4347##, 5 SRY box cars 5313, 9080, 5176, 9231 and 5434 (in blue paint).

The center beam flat was loaded with wood going to a local lumber yard i think. The grain hopper is going to a local feed producer. The box cars to various other bussinesses on the spur.

If anyone knows the name of this local spur here in Calgary that crosses Barlow Trail just north of Memorial Drive, please do let me know. This spur joins up to the north south main line between Calgary and Edmonton where it goes through a is a tunnel at the begining. I'll have to get some photos of that someday.

If anyone is reading this Blog, heres a short explanation to the lack of posts lately. Busy at work. Although I do manage to go out occasionally to do a little railfaning. So with that said I am accumulating a back log of photos to post. So check back once in a while and something may popup on the site.