Monday, October 13, 2008

Don't Try To Outrun The Train

I had promised to a few people that I would have pictures from Thursday's 2816 chase from Lethbridge to Calgary. I apologize for not fulfilling my promise. With thanksgiving this weekend, I was a bit occupied. Please be patient, it will come. It was an awesome chase and there's also an interesting bit to the story.

I did come across this video clip I found in Canadian Railway Observations September's newsletter issue of a semi truck getting hit by a CN intermodal train. From the article in the newsletter, the power was an SD70M-2 and an SD75I.

Canadian Railway Observations (C.R.O.)
Web Page -
September 2008 Edition - PDF
Video Clip - Semi Truck Tries To Outrun Train


Thursday, October 2, 2008

CP 2816 Empress Steam Locomotive Last Run

I found out yesterday that CP 2816 Empress will be returning from Vancouver arriving in Calgary on October 9th via the Crowsnest Pass. I unfortunately missed her departure from Calgary. Therefore, I'm taking next Thursday off from work to get some pictures of CP 2816's last run of the year and possibly, from what I understood, the absolute last run ever or at least hopefully only for a few years. Apparently the diesel F units, FP7A 1400, FP9A 1401, F9B 1900 will be barned as well. I believe 1401 and 1900 are this trip with 2816.

First, news that NBEC was acquired by CN, and now CP is supposedly putting a few of their engines in storage. This is not fair as I don not nearly have enough pictures of these.

If anyone can confirm, correct me or add to any of this, please do so.