Friday, August 29, 2008

586 @ Nepisiguit Junction

August 19th, 2008
I'm staying at my parents house for my holidays, and they just happen to be not too far from the train station in Bathurst on Riverside Drive. I was at the house when I heard the sound of a very large diesel engine. I figured I'd take a quick drive to the station. There I saw NBEC 1868 & 1813 hooking up the last few cars to make train 586 and getting ready to head up to Brunswick Mines with a load of empties. I headed straight for Nepisiguit Junction.

I arrived there 20 minutes ahead of 586 and saw on the siding 2 CFMG bulk wood cars, numbers 690151 and 690117. One was about 3/4 loaded with 8' poles and the other about full. Here's a few shots of them.

I think that the siding these cars were on, at one time went up to about or a bit past the switch coming from Bathurst station as part of an old siding. But I admit that I could be wrong. You can view an older picture of Nepisiguit Junction on Steve Boyko's New Brunswick Railways web site which, I might add, I enjoy perusing a great deal.

As I waited, I snapped a few other random shots of track, ballast and ties. Alot of them didn't turn out good because I was snapping pictures as the camera was hanging around my neck.

At 19:30, I saw the lights of engine 1868 come around the bend in the distance. A quick stop to align the switch for the Brunswick Mines spur, and they were on their way again. I thought of catching them at Blue Mountain Pit, but the light at this time of years fades away early.



Canadian Train Geek said...

Nice shots! And thanks for the comment on my web site.

The siding used to be double-ended but several years ago it was severed at one end.

jddc.trains said...

Thanks and you're welcome. I've been enjoying your site for a couple of years now.

I figured something looked funny cause I remembered seeing the picture on you site. I also noticed the other day that one of the sidings in Beresford at the propane dealer has been cut at one end and the switch removed.

One more thing. I was taking some shots at the golf street crossing in Bathurst, and I guy pulled up and mentioned that CN had aquired NBEC and sometime next month will be taking over all NBEC lines. Have you heard anything about this?