Saturday, August 30, 2008

VIA Ocean 14 Instead of NBEC 402

I was sitting in the dining room this morning working on some CSS for my website, when I heard a short blast from a train horn. The first thing that came to mind was NBEC 402 arrived at the Bathurst station. Excellent, I didn't miss it! I quickly jumped in the truck with my camera and and headed to the station.

As I turned up Duke Street, I saw the tell tale sign of the green renaissance cars. Via's Ocean 14 was late, again. I decided to head directly to Little River and catch an overhead shoot from the one lane steel bridge crossing above the tracks. I only had to wait for about five minutes and it came rumbling by.

The lead engine was 6426 with 6412 following, 1 baggage car, 16 coach and sleeper cars, and Yoho Park on the tail end.


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