Sunday, August 31, 2008

CFQC 3000 In Bathurst Yard

Over the past couple of weeks, I've noticed that there is a CFQC engine hanging around and shunting in Bathurst. The unit number is 3000 and looks to be a RS-18 painted black with the Operation Lifesaver emblem on the side of the cab. Here are a few pictures of CFQC 3000 from this morning.

Also sitting quietly on a siding, were NBEC 1851 and 1821. I saw them later at around 15:00 shunting some cars around by the St. Anne bridge sidings.


EDIT: Corrected CFMG 3000 to CFQC 3000. Also corrected the tag.

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Canadian Train Geek said...

The two red RS18s are power for the ore train. It runs from Bathurst to Belledune in the morning, returning in the afternoon. It leaves Bathurst around 6:30 PM for Brunswick Mines.