Sunday, August 31, 2008

VIA Ocean 14 Late Arrival

August 21, 2008

I got up at 7:30, washed up quickly and walked up to the train station to meet VIA 14 the Ocean coming in. I soon found out that it wasn't arriving until 11:40. Late again! It was 1 hour late when I came in from Halifax on the 18th. NBEC must be doing some maintenance work on some of the tracks.

I came back later and grabbed a few shots as it was pulling into the station. The lead was 6421 with 6406 the Spiderman unit following. The sky was nice and blue that morning. I didn't get a car count, but I imagine it would have been about 16 or so.

After that I made a last minute decision to catch it up at Nepisiguit Junction. I was hoping that the CFMG wood cars were gone already. When I arrived I noticed that the first two CFMG wood cars that I wrote about on the 19th were gone, but alas, there were 4 new ones on the siding and blocking most of the view. I didn't bother getting the numbers or marks as I was frustrated with them. I decided to stay and grab some shots of 14 anyway, and make the best of it. Eangeline Park was on the tail end.



Canadian Train Geek said...

Nice shots of VIA! You must have driven pretty hard to get to Nepisiguit Junction before VIA. :)

jddc.trains said...

Thanks. Yes I did speed a bit, and still barely made it! I had to run back to the house and jump in the truck!

Also thanks for posting about my blog on your site. Greatly appreciated! :)

Saintjohnrailfan said...

Great blog. I stumbled upon it while looking at Steve's blog. It's definately going in my bookmarks!

jddc.trains said...

Thanks! I've been over to yours as well and enjoy watching your clips. Great job, keep it up