Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CN 5600 @ Alyth

At lunch time today on my way back to the office, I saw something interesting idling in Alyth Yard. n one of two tracks stub ended tracks near 12th Street Tower. What I saw was a CN unit with two CP units tagged on to each end. I didn't have time to turn around right then, so I was hoping that it would still be there after work. Fortunately for me it was.

The unit in question is an SD70I, CN 5600. The SD70I was fitted with rubber gaskets between the cab and the body to isolate it from excessive noise from the prime mover. Apparently there were only 26 of these models produced all for CN from numbers 5600 to 5625.

The two other CP units were a SD40-2, CP 6061 and a SD40-2F, CP 9010. The SD40-2F was basically a SD40-2 with a full width body and nicknamed as "red barns". There were only 25 units builted all for CP in 1988 and 1989. All 25 are still in service today.

I'm curious as to what the two stub ended tracks are referred to. There are usually a number of idling engines on either one or both of these tracks almost at any given point in time. Would these be called "team tracks"? If anyone familiar with Alyth Yard, please do comment on this.

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Anonymous said...

Hullo again. I couldn't resist being all nosy and a know-it-all, but do tell me if I'm being too intrusive. I promise, I'll take off.

Anyway, in answer to your question, those stub tracks would be the ramps. More specifically, Ramp 9 and Ramp 10. They're used so that the shops can come out and service the units with their various trucks and whatnot. There's a roadway on the north side of the ramps, directly across from 12th St.