Saturday, December 27, 2008

Railfaning Around The World - India

I wanted to share a discovery that I had made about a year ago. I had done an extremely quick search on Google for "railfan blog" and one result quickly caught my attention. I think at that time it was like fifth or sixth down on the search results list. The name of this blog was Platfom 7 - A Railfan's Blog. The blog is maintained by a fellow called Binai K. Sankar and he writes about railfanning and busfanning in India. He also maintains in conjunction with his blog, a photo gallery which contains his railfanning photos on called Railway Junction.

It is interesting to see what types of locomotives that are being used and operated on a daily basis in another country halfway around the world. I did notice that most of the diesel locomotives have high nose hoods. I am interested to know who is the manufacturer of these diesels. Also, you will notice that just about every locomotive number is five digits compared to our North American four digit numbers. Also they have a naming system that identifies the type of train it is suppose to be which he explains in one of his posts.

I you have a few minutes and are looking for something different to read, then I suggest to take a look at this interesting railfan blog.


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