Sunday, December 7, 2008

CP Holiday Train Coming Soon

After having read Eric's December 2nd post on his site Trackside Treasures, which I enjoy greatly for it's historical content and photos, he mentions CP's Holiday Train at the end. I decided to look it up and possibly chase it this year. This train goes across Canada and helps collect food donations and money for local food banks along it's travel.

According to the schedule, the trains is currently on route to Broadview, Saskatchewan for a 13:00 show. It should arrive in Medicine Hat on December 9th. It will make it's way north from there up to Edmonton on the 12th, then head south and end up in Calgary on the 13th. Afterward, it will make it's way west into BC.

Depending on the weather I may chase it from Red Deer to Calgary on Saturday and possibly Calgary to Banff on Sunday.



Eric said...

Hi Jason,
Here's hoping your viewing of the CP holiday train is successful. It really is a good work on CP's behalf, which as a large corporation, sometimes gets tarred with the "corporate greed" brush. Not true in this case.

Glad you're enjoying Trackside Treasure...your photos of 2816 were superb.


jddc.trains said...


Thanks for the comment on my photos. I'm hoping to have part 3 up this coming weekend. I didn't get around to it last weekend as I was a bit busy with some family celebrations.